Sunday, September 06, 2009

Katy Perry

Here's a painting of the pop singer Katy Perry done for a caricature jam on e-Caricatures. I wasn't really familiar with her before doing this painting. I did notice three things right off the bat: 1. she's a dead ringer for Zooey Deschanel; 2. She's pretty hot; and 3. Both 1 and 2 make drawing a caricature of her fairly difficult. I think I got the likeness down. Since she seems to often want to portray herself as a vintage pinup queen, I decided to model this painting after some of the classic pinup art of the 50s from guys like Gil Elvgren and Al Buell. Also, since she was wearing a pair of Minnie Mouse ears in the reference photo, I couldn't resist including those.

1 comment:

Will Appledorn said...

Great work!

the best likeness of the contest in my opinion.

and you got even included her two best features! ;)