Thursday, March 31, 2011

New York Observer cover

I was extremely honored to be able to a cover recently for The New York Observer. For years, The Observer has published covers by some of the finest illustrators in the world. It's like the Justice League of Illustration: Drew Friedman! Victor Juhasz! Philip Burke! Edel Rodriguez! Robert Grossman! Barry Blitt! Jason Seiler! Dale Stephanos! And the list goes on and on. I'm humbled to be in such company (although I think it makes me more the Gleek the purple monkey of this particular group of Superfriends). Design Director Ivy Simones was awesome to work with (as well as being one heckuva designer). The cover is of SEC Chairman Mary Schapiro. The article is highly critical of the job Ms. Schapiro's been doing, but the thing that struck me about the article was despite the growing criticism, everyone seems to still like her. That made me think there must be something about this Mary woman, which led me to doing this parody of the poster for the movie "There's Something About Mary".

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