Sunday, March 03, 2013

Leader's Edge

My newest spot illustration for Leader's Edge Magazine is out now. The subject this month is an insurance company president named Scott Trofholz. Typically, when I'm doing an editorial illustration job about someone I know nothing about the Creative Director will provide me with the copy for the article and I'll read through it and jot down some ideas based on any interesting things the interview subject might have revealed about himself. In this case, the interviewee focused heavily on his interest in hunting and fishing in his spare time. On it's surface, that alone didn't seem to allow much room for being funny, but then I got the idea to juxtapose the two sports and then things started to work. I knew I was on the right track the first time I did a quick doodle of the guy hauling a deer out of the water on the end of his fishing rod and it made me laugh out loud. In total, I submitted three sketches, and I would have been happy to paint any of them (professional note: when submitting sketches, make sure you like them all because you'll regret it later on if the sketch that gets chosen is an idea you hated from the start). But I'm especially glad that new Creative Director Brad Latham chose my favorite of the three.

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